Time to get back to the office!

AI Back to the Office

Clear Vision’s Client Account Manager Jessica Sheppard looks forward to the Clear Vision team returning to the office after Easter. 

6th April will mark the Clear Vision team’s return to the office. With strict working safety measures in place, we’ll come together again for the first time in 13 weeks and a whopping 57 weeks since we first began working from home at the start of lockdown 1.

It’s been a challenging year – with just the respite between lockdowns last year, I’m really looking forward to getting back to the office and all the benefits that come with being able to work as a team in the same premises.

During this last year I purchased my first house and moved out of my family home. This has meant adjusting to not only living on my own, but working from home on my own too. My days have been rather quiet and I have missed the busyness of the office…although it has meant I’ve been able to sing along to the radio without my colleagues complaining!

We’ll be without Ben Hyde back at the office, who has worked for Clear Vision for nine years and departs before Easter to join a client’s business. We’ll miss him but know well how he will continue to bring his talents, skills and memorable sense of humour to benefit our client…so we’re not rid of him yet – nor he of us!

Sally also joins us again as a Client Account Manager. Sally originally came back into the Clear Vision fold last year to look after Bethan Higdon’s clients while she is on maternity leave.

Sally is now extending her hours to support the majority of Ben’s clients after his departure. She brings a wealth of experience, both in practice and also working in industry. She is also our VAT specialist – a very useful person to have around!

I’m looking forward to hearing when Bethan intends to return to work and welcoming her back into the office. Some of the team had the pleasure of meeting Bethan’s new son Arthur over Zoom during a recent team ‘tea break’. He’s a happy little chap and we learned more about his rather hurried arrival into the world in November.

For me our tea breaks have been crucial for my mental wellbeing. It’s made a massive difference being able to have a daily social catch up with colleagues, whether that be discussing work or just how we’re feeling that day. It’s been lovely seeing other faces as well, rather than just having a phone call.

It will be fantastic to work next to Tim Fitzgerald again. Tim joined us as Client Account Assistant last year and barely had time to get his feet under the table before we went into another lockdown, and he was forced to get to grips with his new role working remotely from the rest of the team. As his mentor, being back in the office will make checking in with him on a daily basis much easier for the both of us.

Since his arrival, Tim has proven to be a greatly valued member of our team, fitting in extremely well alongside his quick-witted humour to brighten our day.

Which just leaves me to say, I’m looking forward to returning to the office, being with the rest of the Clear Vision team and of course, resuming our normal office banter!

Jess blog Mar 21

Jessica Sheppard  ACCA

Client Account Manager