Welcome to Clear Vision Accountancy

The Clear Vision team support

Your personal wellbeing

The growth and development of your business

The achievement of your personal and business goals


Our main aim is to make you happy.

Yes, we will do your annual accounts and tax returns.

Yes, we will hit all the deadlines with HMRC and Companies House.

That all goes without saying, it’s what we have trained to do BUT,

That’s boring…what we really want is to know all about your business…

So we will ask you:

  • What do you need from your business?
  • How does the business work?
  • Who is in your team?
  • What challenges you are facing?
  • Where do you want to take it?
  • What do you want from us?

What really floats our boat is:

  • Giving you what you need to run and improve your business
  • Conversations about your progress
  • Feeling great when you understand something you didn’t before
  • Seeing you achieve key milestones

We want to be there when you meet your goals and objectives, to be at that party when you celebrate your achievements. 

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Support as Lockdown Eases

We continue to hold meetings via Zoom where possible. However, The Clear Vision office is now open for meetings under strict safety guidelines. Visitors are asked to complete a pre-meeting questionnaire, check their temperature using the thermometer in reception and wear a face mask while on the premises.

Our team have now returned to the office to support clients and business owners. Please contact the team on 01249 712074 with any queries. You can also review our lockdown updates in our Coronavirus Support Information Hub.

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