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In low moments, as we deal with the current struggles, obstacles and challenges of being in business, it can be easy to think “why do I bother?”

This is typically an off-the-cuff remark we make when we feel particularly under pressure, of course, but is actually one I encourage and welcome discussing with clients.

‘Why?’ is a key question for any business owner and I often steer clients to consider this in the context of discussing the development and growth of their businesses.

Here’s just a couple of recent examples to encourage you to consider your own ‘why’.

Today I’ve been talking to a client about rebranding her business. A conversation about logos and visuals soon became much, much bigger, as it often does when discussing such matters.

Your brand visuals can seem a bit of an arbitrary subject but will serve your business and your goals much better when they are an expression of your current business, motivations and values.

Soon we were discussing the stories the business owner shares with potential new employees to tell them why and how the business came to be, and how the requirements of its customers have changed in recent years. This led to a plan to kick off a business rebrand process that incorporates these values.

Another recent conversation centred around whether or not a client should update his website. After the client had taken stock of his customer base, team motivations and personal values, it became clear that his current website has not remained in step with his business. As a result, it is not serving his current goals particularly well. He is now enjoying the chance to realign his website and make it true to who he is and what his business stands for.

When you bring your gifts, your passions and values all together, you gain clarity on what your overall ‘why’ – or purpose – is.

When you have this clarity, it is easier to communicate it to others and your communications remain authentic and consistent, both on a personal basis and also through your business branding, marketing communications and conversations with customers and potential customers.

Gaining clarity on your ‘why’ begins with understanding yourself in order to reflect the authentic essence of who you are. This journey can sometimes last a lifetime but once it is found the rewards, in terms of happiness and personal fulfilment, can be profound.

As highlighted in the examples above, gaining this clarity also helps you as a business owner to run and make decisions about your business.

Plus on those ‘bad days’, it becomes easier to remind yourself of your ‘why’, should you find yourself exclaiming “why do I bother?”

Are you clear on your ‘why’?

These questions may help you think about your purpose:

  • When do you feel most alive?
  • What is important to you and what do you value?
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?
  • What makes you feel good?
  • Do you tend to live your life in a certain way? If so, how?

I’d be delighted to discuss your ‘WHY’ with you and how this can be reflected in your marketing communications to benefit you and your business. Just call me on 01249 712074 for a chat or email me at .

Stay safe and well


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Dee Gerrish  MCIM  PGDip
Business Consultant / Marketing & Business Development Manager