Clear Vision’s marketing specialist Dee Gerrish shares 4 of the goals she has set for our business.  

It’s been an interesting time in marketing over the last two years, with plenty of emerging trends.

The growth of some trends has been influenced by the experiences of individuals and businesses during the pandemic (the rise of the User Generated Content (UGC) by people isolated from their customers for example), and others have been emerging for some time (including video marketing, influencer marketing).

At Clear Vision, these trends have featured in our marketing thinking for 2022, along with our learnings from 2021.

Here are 4 of our marketing goals this year:

  1.  Grow our first party data list

‘First party’ data is data provided with consent, from an individual to an organisation. When you tick the box online to sign up to a digital newsletter, you are providing your data to the organisation for their use, under the terms they specify.

By providing your data, the organisation can use it to email you the information you have consented to receive, and track whether you open these emails and what you click to read when you do.

GDPR regulations dictate that written consent must be captured to add people to such a marketing list, of course, and that the opt in must be positive and specific.

We will be inviting people to join our first party data list this year, so we can interact with those providing their consent directly, rather than being reliant on communicating via third parties (social media channels being the biggie).

A goal easily measured; we’ll be keeping an eye on how our first party marketing list grows.

  1. Long term content schedule based on updated marketing personas

We’ve clarified our marketing personas (profiles of our ideal customers) before. We’ve repeated the process this year, to make sure the personas we are targeting with our marketing are still in line with our evolving business.

We’ll be using these refreshed profiles to direct our marketing content.

This year, we’re also planning our marketing content further in advance, so we can make the most of our marketing time and resources.

  1. Systemise our lead management

When our marketing efforts motivate someone to get in touch, we’re working to improve how we manage our interactions with them.

We’ve reviewed our lead management system, covering the who/how/what/when/where of these interactions.

The proof of the pudding will be seeing our lead conversion rate increase and we’re confident this will continue to rise this year.

  1. Continue to share our team personality

The social media posts our followers interact with most are typically those that share a snapshot of our team members, team news and pursuits.


We believe it’s because they make us real and show that the people behind the business brand are humans who enjoy their personal lives as well as the work they do.

This is why you’ll see us continue to share news about our team members in 2022.

These are some of our marketing goals. What are yours?

To discuss the goals you need to set to make your marketing efforts pay off for you in 2022, call me on 01249 712074 or email I’ll be delighted to provide you with the benefit of my experience.

Dee Gerrish   MCIM  PGDip

Business Consultant/Business Development & Marketing Manager

Dee continues to provide marketing support services to business owners. You can read more about these areas of marketing support here.

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