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Matthew Rogers shares a new Wellbeing Wednesday blog for business owners.

As we approach the end of the pandemic and continue to immerse ourselves in working to ensure our businesses recover from its effects, allow me to ask: how are you?

The effects of the pandemic on each of us and our businesses vary of course.

However, my current conversations with business owners, as well as my own current experience, suggests that there is a common issue for many business owners at this point which is making life harder and affecting wellbeing.

The issue is that business owners are being hit by pretty loud demands from all directions and are struggling to know which way to turn and what to deal with first.

Team members feeling the effects of restrictions and needing additional support.

Pressures on daily working systems and structures that require a review.

Key strategic projects that require time and business resources to complete.

The list goes on.

This is an issue because it engenders a vicious cycle for us as business owners. A cycle that threatens our ability to lead our businesses to recovery.

First of all, the pressure of all these demands clouds our minds, affecting our own productivity. As a result, challenges in our business are not properly resolved and our business suffers, so demands continue to grow louder, and our outlook and clarity of mind continues to be an issue. And on it goes.

If this rings a bell with you, it’s time to break the cycle.

Check in with yourself

To break the cycle we need to purposefully and deliberately take a step back to assess our priority actions.

I call this approach ‘checking in’ with myself and I’m sharing it because it works for me, so it might work for you too.

I aim to replace the emotional with the rational. To use my head to assess what each area of my business now requires in order to rebuild my action plan, rather than simply reacting emotionally to the ‘loudest’ demands.

It’s important not to let emotion get in the way of us making appropriate plans.

How to adopt this approach

We’ve created an ‘Action Plan Rebuilding Tool’ to enable you to take this approach too.

I recommend you use this tool to help you rebuild your business action plan and to help you gain clarity on what to tackle, how and when.

I hope it helps you as it has helped me.

access the tool

Do let me know how it works for you and remember you’re not alone. We are here to support you in highlighting your priorities and to help you implement an action plan for your business to provide clarity on your actions as you move forward.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay positive


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Matthew Rogers  FCCA
Managing Director