AI Business Boost

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It’s easy for business owners to be distracted from their role as leader of the business. Here are 6 ways to free-up more time to work ON your business in 2022.

  1. Use software to collect customer payments

Reduce the time you spend sending out invoices and chasing payments by using software that enables you to collect payments automatically.

We recommend GoCardless. You pay per transaction. The UK and Euro transaction fees are 1% plus £0.20, to a maximum of £4 per transaction less than £2,000. An additional 0.3% is applied to transactions over £2,000.

  1. Use automated calendar scheduling

Sending emails back and forth to schedule meetings can take up unnecessary time.

Meeting scheduling tools act as virtual assistants. You stay in control of your calendar, making diary slots available which others book via the software.

The basic Calendly package is free. Its premium package is just US$8 (c.£6) per month when paid for annually. 14 day free trial available.

  1. Automate the production of customer proposals

Producing individual proposals for potential new customers can be very time consuming.

Identify a proposal software that works for you and your business. Not only does automating the production of your proposals save you time, it also enables you to produce professional documents which can be emailed directly to potential customers, boosting your chances of converting new work.

  1. Automate your HR

You can save time using software to automate the management of employee leave, sickness and employment documents.

Software such as Breathe HR and have modest price points, with monthly packages starting at £11 and £7 respectively. Free trials available.

  1. Outsource your marketing tasks

Find yourself producing video/audio transcripts? Got a data mining task to complete? Need a one-off promotional flyer?

You can outsource all these jobs and more via online service sites such as Fiverr or Peopleperhour.

These sites have freelancers looking for work at a fraction of the cost of formally engaging a marketing specialist. You can specify a modest budget for your job and review the feedback on the freelancers who respond to your request, before you choose the person to work on your job. If it’s a regular job, you can also develop a relationship with one freelancer to cover this for you on an ongoing basis.

  1. Use software add-ons

Most financial software packages come with free or low-cost, time-saving add-ons.

If you use Xero, you can make use of the associated Hubdoc app which enables you to capture photos of your bills and receipts and keys the data into Xero automatically. No more time spent manually entering data!

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