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Clear Vision’s Managing Director Matthew Rogers shares his thoughts for business owners on the ‘new phase’.

We are now approaching week 14 of lockdown.

It’s not quite as it was in the beginning, restrictions are gradually being lifted, but life remains different to how it was before the pandemic hit the UK.

Three and a half months on, it seems to me that we have now entered a new phase following the general realisation that the way we live and work has changed for some time to come. Perhaps you sense this too.

How we deal with this realisation, the outlook and attitude we maintain, affects our wellbeing and the wellbeing of all the people around us: our family, our customers, and as business owners, also our team.

I am aware that how I behave and communicate affects my team. That my energy and positivity (or lack of it) affects them.

It isn’t always easy to maintain great energy and positivity when leading your team, but here are a few of my thoughts on doing so:

Work on acceptance

I am working hard to practise acceptance each day which means letting go of wishing things were different. In these times its been all too easy to think negative thoughts about how difficult things are or how things haven’t gone our way, but being aware of my inner dialogue has helped and encouraged me to be kinder to myself.

When you’re taking care of yourself you create space in your mind to be more considerate of others too which has helped whilst all my family have been at home each day and my team have been working remotely.

Get social with your team

When returning to the workplace, it’s easy to fall back into working life and overlook the benefits of being social with those that you work with.

You can get social even if your team continues to work remotely.

At Clear Vision, we are having a quiz next week, where we’ll guess the team member from pictures of the contents of their fridge. I suspect this will be surprising revealing and certainly diverting! (Thank you to our Receptionist Nancy for organising).

We also have a daily virtual ‘teabreak’ which sees our team members come together from home for 15 minutes over Zoom to chew the fat. The chats we have really go anywhere – from experiences of working at home to family habits and all manners of lockdown entertainment – so it acts as a really useful ‘timeout’.

This teabreak also provides me with the chance to share how I’m feeling, of course, which leads me on to my next point…

Be vulnerable

Who says a business owner can’t express their emotions and seek help?

I believe you need to judge how and when you do so, rather than simply shooting from the hip, but also feel that there is merit in being vulnerable and showing you’re human to your team.

If you truly have a ‘team’, as opposed to ‘staff’, you work together towards your goals and support each other. In showing your vulnerable side to your team, you can gain greater understanding and team cohesion which benefits everybody.

As with any type of relationship, openness is better than bottling up your feelings and will subsequently help you feel better and more positive.

Signs you are on the right path

As we journey into the next phase I would encourage you to consider what makes you deeply happy, what you are complimented and recognised for, and how your recent experiences have influenced your purpose.

In my experience, when more things come into line you notice that:

  1. You feel happier
  2. You feel healthier
  3. You feel connected
  4. You have a deep sense of purpose
  5. Doors of opportunity begin to open

I challenge you to consider what action you can take to increase your energy and your positivity.

With best wishes to you and your family


Matt Rogers

Matthew Rogers  FCCA
Managing Director