Step 3 on our post-pandemic business action planning tool is to review your team’s wellbeing, job roles and skills (you can find resources to support you with steps 1 and 2 on our website resource page).

You may be one of the many business owners experiencing team challenges following lockdown. Challenges which need to be overcome successfully to help your business to bounce back strongly. HR specialist Julie Brewster has shared the following team review process especially for clients and friends of Clear Vision.

You may have had a successful team for years, you met socially, everyone got on and you haven’t had to think much about the team before.

Then lockdown came along.

After many people have been forced to work at home for so long, there are all sorts of team-related challenges now cropping up in businesses across the UK:

  • Performance – team members who have been furloughed for a while and need support to get back into the flow of work.
  • Attending work – team members who are reluctant to return to the office.
  • Junior team members who still need support and training in their role and have fewer colleagues in the workplace to learn from.
  • New team members who are struggling to build working relationships with others who have just appeared as a face on their laptop screen.

Each business is facing a different set of challenges. As we move beyond lockdown, it’s time to highlight and manage yours.

Here are my questions for you to consider, the answers to which will help you build an action plan to move your team forward happily and effectively.


  • Are your team comfortable about being back at work?
  • Do your team know about any changes to ways of working?
  • Do your team have any anxieties around working?


  • Do previous methods of team communication still work?
  • Does the frequency of team communication need to change?
  • How will you ensure new members feel part of your team, if some are still working remotely?


  • What has worked around roles in the business over the last 15 months and what hasn’t?
  • Has the work you do changed, requiring roles in your business to be reviewed?
  • Has the way you do business changed, requiring roles in your business to be reviewed?
  • Is there written guidance on how to perform each role as it is now, should it be needed?
  • Are all previous roles still needed?

Remember if there are changes to a role(s), then you may need to change the Contract of Employment. If you no longer need so many roles, then redundancy may be required.


  •  If roles have changed, do your team members still have the skills to do their jobs?
  • Do they need to learn new skills or need additional training to do the job as it is now?
  • Have your team members developed new skills you could use in the business?

Keep in mind that not everyone will be raring to go post-lockdown. Some team members may be nervous, some may just want to forget the last 15 months and others may have lost someone to Covid, so are still coming to terms with the whole thing.

There is no handbook on the best way to go forward, I’m afraid. But the businesses that are building strong post-lockdown foundations are the ones that are moving forward as a team. As the old BT slogan says: “it’s good to talk”.

You may want to think about a team building event later in the year. It doesn’t need to be a  day out herding ducks or climbing trees, it could just be spending time with each other and reconnecting.

It could be getting to know each other through colours. This involves each member of the team completing a questionnaire, the results of which reveal their preferred methods of communicating and working. This can be quite a fun way to reconnect. Do get in touch if you’d like to learn more about this exercise.

If I can help with any of this, through HR Support or Coaching, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Julie Brewster   Chartered MCIPD