HMRC Employee Furlough Claim Investigations

HMRC believe that at least 10% of claims made under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme since the start of lockdown are fraudulent or incorrect and, as a result, we understand that that intend to check more than 25% of claims. This means there is the potential of a investigation on any claims you have made.

We advise you to compile the following to ensure you have the necessary information available in the event your business is selected for an investigation:

  1. Records of hours and pay plus a demonstration of how this has been calculated
  2. Evidence the employee was advised of what being furloughed meant and what was expected of them whilst furloughed (i.e. nothing when fully furloughed)
  3. Proof that the employee actioned this, such as setting an out of office email notification, passing their work to someone else
  4. RTI submission evidence

Our payroll clients can rest assured that we retain records of points 1 and 4 above for them.