AI Escape

Matthew Rogers shares a new Wellbeing Wednesday blog for business owners.

Taking time to escape the normal is something we all need to do from time to time. Thank goodness that we can start to do this again as lockdown restrictions ease.

My recent escape from the normal involved a four-and-a-half hour drive with my dog to stay in a shepherd’s hut in Snowdonia National Park.

I knew when I booked it that it was off grid, but how would I cope with the reality of this?

On arrival I was met with an outside compost loo and couldn’t find any bed or television in the hut. Was this really the place to re-energise myself?

I found my bed hidden in the wall and started to feel more comfortable. Then the dog started to fart in the confined space that was to be our home for the next two days!

“Let’s check in with the family” was my next thought, but I had no phone reception.

Yes, I wanted to unplug myself from the world for a couple of days and press reset, but to all but ‘disappear’ was a little more than I had anticipated.

A stimulating walk after unpacking reminded me of the reason I had booked this escape: the views were spectacular and spending time in nature was what I needed to feel rejuvenated.

I reflected on what had been stressing me out and sapping me of energy. I felt ‘peopled out’. It was as though everyone wanted a piece of me and it had got too much. As a business owner, I am sure you can relate to this. Detaching myself from social media and staying clear from gossip and drama would help me regain my sense of self.

I spent time focusing on my emotions and why certain things made me feel the way they did prior to my escape.  Challenging myself was incredibly challenging but time in the fresh air, walking, running and reading was the perfect environment to connect with this.

What did I take from this experience?

  1. Don’t share a confined space with your dog.
  2. I can live without the Mail online/Sky Sports/Netflix.
  3. Being still and listening to the birds is wonderful.
  4. Check your own behaviour and make an effort to change behaviours which are toxic.
  5. It’s not unselfish or a sign of weakness to distance yourself from those who bring down your vibe. This period of reflection helped me to identify who these people are in my life.
  6. Respect yourself enough to put yourself first.
  7. You need a supportive and understanding spouse to support you with any break you take.
  8. Did I mention don’t share a confined space with your dog?

I will be going back. How can I not with scenery like that?!

So on this Wellbeing Wednesday my challenge to you is…
How many times have you recognised that you need to press pause, without taking action to do it?

Let today be the day when you plan your escape.

Stay safe. Stay well. Stay positive


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Matthew Rogers  FCCA
Managing Director