AI Get Ahead in 2021 1

We asked our Client Managers for one thing they would recommend that business owners do to get ahead for 2021.

We asked them to propose one explicit, valuable action you can take to help you get ahead for 2021, personally or professionally.

We even let Matt have a go!

Here’s what they said…

“Buy some kind of journal to record the things you are grateful for throughout 2021. I recently started writing down three things, each day, that I am grateful for. I recommend all our clients do this as it provides much-needed perspective to help deal with the pressures of life as a business owner.   

I make sure I include areas of concern and find by injecting thankfulness into these issues, your mindset gradually shifts to a place that feels better and easier to deal with, so it really aids your mental health.”

Matt Rogers
Matthew Rogers  FCCA
Managing Director

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“My family and I have each written 5 things that we would like to do once the restrictions have been lifted on a piece of coloured paper, one colour for each person. We’ve folded these up and they are now in a jar to pick out when we can. 

These range from days out to having our family and friends over for a BBQ.

We involved the children to provide an insight into what all the family misses and is looking forward to doing once we can. It will give us focus when the time comes and something for each person will be selected in turn, so it provides us all with something to look forward to.

My children certainly feel happier and less frustrated knowing from the coloured paper that their ideas and needs are included in the jar.”

Adam Coles
Adam Coles  AAT
Client Account Manager

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“Shortlist three positive business changes to discuss with your team to kick off the year. Think about why you are choosing these and the difference(s) they will make when achieved.

You can then share these with your team prior to your first meeting of the year so they have chance to consider them and contribute their ideas for achieving them. 

Your first meeting together then becomes positive and forward-thinking.”

Jess Sheppard
Jessica Sheppard  ACCA
Client Account Manager

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“Score each of the key areas of your business – operations, marketing, finance etc. – from 1 (weak) to 10 (strong) – recording the factors that lead you to award each score.  

Once you have your scores, take a walk to consider the first action you will take in 2021 to utilise each of your business strengths or enhance each weaker area. This will give you clarity on your priority areas and you’ll have a targeted action plan ready to go in the new year.”

Ben Hyde
Ben Hyde  ACCA
Client Account Manager

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“Create a picture of the customer who is most ideal for your business. Make it the one who values your business, buys often and you enjoy working with. Think about their background, demographic details, attitudes, goals, challenges and influencers. 

Doing this provides a powerful focus for the New Year and helps guide much of your decision-making.
And if you’ve created such a customer ‘persona’ before, do it again—your target audience may have evolved!”

Dee Gerrish
Dee Gerrish  PGDip MCIM
Business Consultant/Business Development & Marketing Manager

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“Cash is tight for a larger number of businesses after a year of lockdowns and continuing tier-based restrictions. I would recommend concerned clients approach their Client Manager or email us at to request a template to help set up a 13-week rolling cashflow forecast, if they aren’t already using one.

It’s pretty easy to set up, and it gives you ongoing visibility of the cash which is due to go in and out of your business over the next quarter. So it’s a powerful tool for helping you make day-to-day decisions, and will highlight tight spots in advance so you can take the necessary action to ride these out. 

Visibility is key—email us now for your template!”

Lucy Chappell

Lucy Chappell  FCCA CTA
Business Manager

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We hope these ideas inspire you. Let us know what action you take to get ahead.

We’ll be back to work from 8am on Monday 4th January, so if you’d like to discuss any of the above, just give us a call.

Here’s to 2021!

The Clear Vision Team