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Clear Vision Managing Director shares his recent experiences as a business owner and the insights he has gained on enhancing team performance.

The Clear Vision Team Summer BBQ marks the halfway point in the year and, as usual, much fun was had by all—team members, partners, children, and dogs alike! The annual pool competition was hotly contested once again and it was Milena’s partner, Patrick, who emerged as this year’s champion.

As I looked around at the team over a beer and a burger, I was struck by how far many of the Clear Vision team members have come over the last few years. I found myself reflecting on their resilience and commitment, against the challenging backdrop of the pandemic, lockdown, and rising living costs.

I thought I’d share a few of the things that have had a positive impact for my business in terms of developing the team and enhancing their performance, in case they help you too.

Investment in regular one-to-one reviews

We have implemented monthly one-to-one reviews to replace our bi-annual team appraisal system. These regular check-ins have enabled us to connect and get to know our team better.

Our team members, like anyone else, have a basic human need to feel validated. Face-to-face communication lets our team know that their views and concerns are listened to and acted upon.

Provide an independent ear

Rather than paring back our HR costs, we decided to invest further in our HR consultant Julie Brewster this year. It’s a move that has really paid off. Julie now joins us every week, participating in the above reviews and being available for any team member for an ad hoc conversation while she is with us.

This also gives the team an independent person to speak to if they have any matters which they feel uncomfortable discussing directly with me.

Retention policy  

It is a known fact that employees have been quitting their jobs in record numbers since the spring of 2021. The UK workforce has shrunk as a result, and it now takes longer to find the right people who share your business values to join your team.

Clear Vision, along with many of our clients, has faced this recruitment challenge and I have therefore been sharing the benefits of working on our team retention policy during many recent client conversations.

If you haven’t considered your retention policy and the deliberate actions that increase your ability to hold onto your valued team members, I would encourage you to do so.

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Matthew Rogers FCCA
Managing Director
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