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What Our Clients Are Saying

We’re always delighted when the work we have done for our existing clients has had a positive impact on them. Please check out what they’re saying – this should give you a glimpse of what it’s like to work with us:

“Clear Vision have been our accountants for more than a decade and I regularly recommend them to our clients. What I like most is their focus on turning accounts around super quick once they’ve got all the details they need. So I know I’ll have my Jan – Dec final accounts by early February. If only all accountants could do this – would make it so much easier to organise mortgages, arrange practice finance and help clients to sell their practices! They’re also friendly and it’s easy to ask them random tax/technical questions.”

Thomas Dickson

Managing Director, Wealthwide Limited

“Thank you so much for your assistance with the cash flow (and the multiple amendments)! My bank manager made a point of saying that it was one of the best applications they had received and was particularly impressed with the cash flow forecast, hence the quick turnaround on the loan decision. It’s a big relief as it buys the business some much needed breathing space.”

Dr Sunil Passan

Clinical Director, Northlight Dental

“It’s great to have such a professional and approachable team in our corner. We appreciate the clear and patient way that some fairly complex issues have been sorted out and also the way that we have all the financial insights at our fingertips, to help us make some important decisions for the future.”

Barney Sampson

Partner, Hay Veterinary Group

“Clear Vision Accountancy are so much more than just accountants. They help you look at your business and ways to grow it.

Yes they do our accounting but they also help when we are looking at investments, help plan for the future, assist with the company pension scheme and even help out with legal support.

They have supported us for a long time and it is the little touches that makes us look forward to working with the Clear Vision team for a long time to come.

Thank you!”

Duncan Hallam

Director, Neon Surveys Limited

“Matt is a hero!! He manages to sort out the SAMEE accounts each year and has helped us become one of Clear Vision Accountancy’s charities.”

Sam Everard

CEO, The Samee Charity

“Thank you so much for all your help, it has been so much appreciated.  It has been really reassuring to know that all at Clear Vision have been on top of this. I hope you keep well.”

Jonathan McVeigh

Director, Chew Magna Dental Practice Limited

“I want to say thank you so much to everyone at Clear Vision Accountancy. You have all been very helpful to me and my staff, you are truly amazing people! Thank you for your professionalism and kindness.”

Petros Mapanda

Owner & Principal Dentist, The Lawns Dental Practice

“Constructive, positive and thoroughly professional firm. I’ve been so impressed by the team at Clear Vision; they’re all so helpful and I wish I’d made the change a long time before now. Everything has been clearly thought through to provide an extremely smooth service which enables me to concentrate on running my business and not the running of my accounts. Thank you – here’s to a long and fruitful working relationship!”

Matthew Clay

Director, Matthew Clay Architects Limited

“Clear Vision have been instrumental in guiding our company to grow and adapt to the international marketplace. I have grown to consider them to be a trusted partner who are almost members of the team”

Roland Alford

Managing Director, Alford Technologies Limited

“We are very pleased and grateful with how things are running regarding the accounts, now we are with Clear Vision. It feels really good to have our accounts back in order and with enough accuracy to project forwards and further develop the practice.”

Dr Gaynor Langley

Owner & Principal Dentist, 38 Devonshire Street

“Clear Vision help me unpick problems and give me clarity on what needs to be done. They provide all the financial support I need and also act as an experienced, knowledgeable sounding board for creative ideas, business development, strategy and leadership.”

Ben Hellyer

Managing Director, Kristek Precision Limited

“I just wanted to thank you, following our accounts review meeting yesterday. Both Jane and I felt that it was clear to see the effort and hard work you had put in to preparing for the meeting. It was especially powerful and useful to have visibility of our forecasted tax liabilities, right up to July 2027. This visibility makes a significant difference to us, both in terms of knowing what we are likely to be liable to pay but also the weekly amount we need to put aside in order to be able to make each tax payment in January and July over the coming years.

We were very impressed with the financial illustration you provided, which allowed us to explore different tax scenarios based on different levels of business turnover, all at the touch of a button.

It’s this type of support that gives us peace of mind and makes our lives as business owners less stressful and more enjoyable.

Thanks again.”

Peter Hawking

Director, Peter J Hawking Wholesale Flowers Limited

“Matt and the entire team at Clear Vision Accountancy are an absolute pleasure to work with. We bought and took over our first business 7 years ago and they were instrumental at forecasting and evaluating the viability of the purchase. Where they stood out was the advice and planning, before we completed on the purchase.

They helped us think like business owners before we actually owned the business and helped set up forecasts for the first year, developing a core direction for the business from values, vision and mission statements. This helped us at being real effective leaders of an existing team and ensured we had clarity on how we steered the ship right from the off. We have gown our business 5-fold over this time and the team at Clear Vision Accountancy have been a part of that success!”

Rishi Shah

Director, Platinum Dental Care Limited

“I can’t see any reason to go anywhere else. As the business grows, we’ll grow with Clear Vision. I would say without question – work with Clear Vision!”

Stewart Halperin

Founder & Director, Bruton Veterinary Practice