Your Wellbeing

Resources to support your personal wellbeing and help you support the wellbeing of your team and your loved ones.

Wellbeing Resource Centre

As you focus on your business recovery after the effects of the pandemic, it is more important than ever for you to protect your personal wellbeing, so you remain happy, healthy and in a positive position to run your business, lead your team and care for your loved ones.

What do you feel you need to do today to protect your wellbeing?

We’ve captured a host of resources that are free and accessible to all in our Wellbeing Resource Centre. Check it out.

Your Business

Resources to help you keep your business thriving as we come out of lockdown, plus up-to-date tax rates and information for business owners.

Post-lockdown Business Action Plan Tool

Use our Business Action Plan Tool to step back and refocus on a priority action plan for your business as we continue the journey out of the pandemic.

Further resources to help you take each step on this plan follow.

Your Video – 3 Steps to Business Cost Efficiency

Step 1 in our Business Action Plan Tool is to review your business costs to stop unnecessary cash leaking out of your business.

Amidst all the disruption of lockdown, the costs your business incurs may well have changed, so it’s time to review what you’re now paying.

This video shares a process for you to follow to quickly and efficiently review your business costs.

Your Guide – Managing Cashflow as We Come Out of Lockdown

Step 2 in our Business Action Plan Tool is to actively manage your business cashflow as we come out of lockdown. This guide shares a step-by-step process to help you do this.

Your Guide – How to Overcome Your Post-Lockdown Team Challenges

Step 3 in our Business Action Plan Tool is to review your team’s wellbeing, job roles and skills. Our HR expert shares this team review guide, especially for clients and friends of Clear Vision.

Your Guide – Systemising Your Business

Step 4 in our Business Action Plan Tool is to systemise your business to make it more efficient and more profitable. Business systemisation also brings a host of personal benefits for you, the business owner. Take a look at our logical, step-by-step guide to systemising your business.

Your Guide – How to Focus on the Strategic Projects that will Strengthen Your Business

Step 5 in our Business Action Plan Tool is to focus on the strategic work that will strengthen your business. We’ve created a visual guide to help you enlist your managers to drive these projects and keep them accountable for their progress.

Your Guide – How to Target Your Marketing

Step 6 in our Business Action Plan Tool is to get more from your marketing by focusing on your target customer. We’ve created a new guide to help you target your marketing so it hits the mark. Check it out to discover a five-step process which will help you get more new, ideal customers.

Your Guide – How to enhance your customer experience

Step 7 in our Business Action Plan Tool is reviewing your customer experience to highlight ways to improve it. We’ve created a 4-step guide for you to follow. Use it to strengthen your business and outshine your competition.

Coronavirus Support Information Hub

Here you will find links to Clear Vision Accountancy’s regular support updates for business owners during and after the Coronavirus pandemic. Links to future updates will be added in due course, so do bookmark this page.

2021/22 Tax Card

Our latest tax rates reference card for your use.

Your Questions

Answers and explanations to the common questions we receive from business owners.

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits

What are they and how to claim? Your questions answered.

May 2021 – Your Guide to VAT

What is VAT? How do I register for VAT? How do I account for VAT and prepare my VAT return? All the details you need on this complex area. Updated May 2021.

May 2021 – Your Guide to VAT in the hospitality industry

VAT on holiday accommodation, weddings, holiday homes, camping and more. Updated May 2021

July 2021 – Your Guide to Business Entertainment & Employee Subsistence Tax Relief

What is tax-deductible. What isn’t. This guide separates the facts from the myths. Updated July 2021

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