About Us

Our Purpose

We provide financial clarity and peace of mind, so you know you are okay to step away from your business and spend more quality time with your loved ones.

It is our aim to:

Connect with Business Owners

Engaging with every client through care and communication


 Keep them Informed

Providing clarity on the numbers our clients need to help them and their business succeed


Give them Peace of Mind

Allowing our clients to have peace of mind, knowing their business and personal life are well balanced and thriving


Our Core Values

Trust – Mutual trust between colleagues, clients and contacts

Respect – Respect for each other and for those we engage with

Attitude – Have a positive attitude in everything we do, for everyone we do it for

Care – Genuine care and empathy for our clients and each other

Communication – Regular communication with our clients and each other

Community – Actively seeking to help the local and wider community

Excellence – Renowned for quality work and advice

What Makes Us Different For You

We are committed to maintaining a strong relationship with you:

  • Providing you with a hand-picked Client Account Manager, so you have one main point of contact to support you throughout our time together
  • Encouraging as many two-way meetings as we both need
  • Reminding you of deadlines
  • Planning your work in advance to better serve you
  • Noting your milestone anniversaries, both business and personal


We work with you to help you achieve your business and personal goals:

  • Providing you with an upside down forecast approach, starting with your needs
  • Keeping you accountable
  • Setting goals as part of your annual review

We can do so much more than just the numbers:

  • Contribute to strategy setting
  • Provide leadership support and advice
  • Help you improve your non-financial business performance
  • Listen to you and support you with your business challenges

At Clear Vision Accountancy, we are transparent throughout our engagement and quoting process. We also offer monthly payments to help you budget and efficiently manage your cashflow.

If you want to discuss the support you need with Clear Vision Accountancy, please book a Discovery Call with one of our knowledgeable team members. This 20-minute call will help us understand your business, your challenges and whether Clear Vision Accountancy could be a fit for your needs.