Welcome to Clear Vision Accountancy

We provide financial clarity and peace of mind, so you know you are okay to step away from your business and spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Being a business owner brings many pressures. You may need us to manage your financial compliance on your behalf. Arm you with the numbers you need to make confident business decisions. Support you with the leadership of your business by providing clarity on your purpose and goals.

However you need us to support you through your journey as a business owner, we’re here.

It all starts with connecting with you.

To connect with you…

We will ask:

  • What do you need from your business?
  • How does the business work?
  • Who is in your team?
  • What challenges you are facing?
  • Where do you want to take it?
  • What do you want from us?

To give you financial clarity and peace of mind…

We will be sure to:

  • Do the work so you don’t have to
  • Give you what you need to run your business
  • Allow you more time to focus on your business and personal life
  • Have conversations about your progress
  • Provide further support where necessary


At Clear Vision Accountancy, we offer a complete range of services which are provided in our three packages; Compliance, Comfort and Leadership. Each package can be adapted to suit your individual needs as a business owner.

If you want to discuss the support you need with Clear Vision Accountancy, please book a Discovery Call with one of our knowledgeable team members. This 20-minute call will help us understand your business, your challenges and whether Clear Vision Accountancy could be a fit for your needs. 

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What’s the best way to pay a Director / Shareholder?

What’s the best way to pay a Director / Shareholder?

Generally the best way for a Director / Shareholder to be remunerated is a combination of salary and dividends, but this should be reviewed on an individual basis. There are three ways you can be paid as a Director / Shareholder. Here is a summary of these three...

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HMRC Tackles Research and Development (R&D) Fraud

HMRC Tackles Research and Development (R&D) Fraud

Earlier this year, HMRC announced that it was suspending payments of Research and Development (R&D) tax credits while it investigated some claims. It has now released details of a new campaign to fight fraudulent claims. R&D tax relief is designed to...

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3 Tips to Enhance the Performance of Your Team

3 Tips to Enhance the Performance of Your Team

Clear Vision Managing Director shares his recent experiences as a business owner and the insights he has gained on enhancing team performance. The Clear Vision Team Summer BBQ marks the halfway point in the year and, as usual, much fun was had by all—team members,...

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